ASUU submitted an official demand:

ASUU submitted an official demand to the federal government to end the on going strike,

The University power holding bodies claim they have done their best to resolve the 4 and half months strike,the report gathered on Monday was that ASUU had submitted it official  demand to the federal government,is now up to the government to decide wether the strike should end or go on.

Because all they now have to do is meet ASUU demand and everything will be fine,
What are these demand made by ASUU to the federal government that remains unknown as of the Time of filling in this information,the organization claimed to have done enough to make sure everything goes well,is only the government that is falling to comply with them.

We could recalled ASUU first started with 4weeks strike, later extend it to 12week,and the main cause of the strike as of then as we all know was about the,walfare, payment method of earn academy allowance, payment of revitalisation of 200 billion yearly for 6years in other to provide facilities in the university,another reason was stoppage of the integrated payroll information system,IPPIS as the payment method in the university.

So this were the main reason for the strike,but as it is now, the government in the other hand is blaming paucity of funds for not meeting some of the demand,why ASUU is as well blaming the federal government of not getting it priority right
So now the whole thing is becoming a thing of pushing blame from one body to the other, instead of them trying to find a lasting solution, students are already becoming weary of the whole situation.

What are your thoughts on this, do you think ASUU are at right as they are claiming or the federal government, since the two keep blaming each other,now ASUU are claiming they have submitted an official demand to the federal government to end the on going strike,is this not coming late after a long strike.
Let’s know your thoughts on this in the comment section.

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