Carnegie African diaspora programe

Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Programme (CADFP) 2023 Scholars Fellowship Program

Carnegie African diaspora programe  is a scholar fellowship programme which regularly offers equitable, effective and mutually beneficial international higher education engagements between scholars in Africa and African Diaspora academics in Canada and the United States. Multifaceted, innovative projects are encouraged, which are in line with the transformations taking in higher education between Africa and the Western world.

The Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Programme (CADFP) is a scholar fellowship programme for educational projects at African higher education institutions for African researchers in diaspora. Offered by IIE in partnership with the United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa), the programme is funded by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY). In the first two years of the programme, the CADFP supported 110 short-term faculty fellowships for African-born academics. The programme exemplifies CCNY’s enduring commitment to higher education in Africa. IIE manages and administers the programme, including applications, project requests and fellowships.


About Carnegie Council:

The mission of Carnegie Council is to inspire and guide debate, and to educate the public on ethical choices in matters related to global affairs. Since their founding by Andrew Carnegie a century ago, they have been one of the world’s top creators of nonpartisan educational resources on international ethics used by professionals, journalists, educators, students, and the greater public. Carnegie Council is a non-profit 501(c) (3) institution. Carnegie Council’s public education programs aim to make the moral dimensions of international issues more visible and accessible to students, scholars,


Description of Carnegie African

Program Type :Postgraduate
Organisation:Carnegie Council
Country to study:Canada, United States
School to study-Course to study:Not specified
State of Origin:
Gender:Men and Women
Application Deadline:September 30, 2022

Aim and Benefits Carnegie African diaspora programe.

the African Diaspora Fellow will receive

A $150/day stipend
Visa costs (if required)
Supplemental health insurance coverage
Round-trip international air travel and ground transportation costs to and from the scholar’s home to the North American airport
Potential opportunities to apply for supplemental funding to cover knowledge production activities and workshop attendance.



Please check:Harvey Mudd college scholarship

To be eligible for the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Programme , a scholar must:

Have been born in any African country, as evidenced by the biographical data in the scholar’s passport;
Live in the United States or Canada;
Hold a terminal degree; and
Be employed at an accredited college or university.
Scholars may hold any academic rank, but postdocs are not eligible.

As part of the application, scholars submit personal statements and information about their academic qualifications, disciplinary expertise and administrative experience. A letter of recommendation from a Dean (or from an administrator of equal or higher level) from the scholar’s current institution is required.

Project’s criteria:

Specific activities are proposed to collaborate on research, curriculum co-development and/or graduate student teaching, training and mentoring.
Strong project concept and rationale are provided; project demonstrates innovation.
Project Request clearly indicates what has been done by the institution on the proposed topic(s), the resources of the host institution, the problem to address, the goals of what to change or improve, the gaps and the anticipated specific role of the Diaspora Fellow in the proposed activities.
Clear mission of what the host institution wants to accomplish through project visit is articulated, and justification is provided on reasons to partner in the effort with a Diaspora scholar.
The proposed scholar’s discipline, subfields, areas of expertise, experience and motivation for applying are well-suited to the success and impact of the project.
Evidence of relevant experience by the proposed scholar in each requested project activity is demonstrated.
The proposed project must have the potential for impact
If potential impact of longer term project will take more time to be realized or evaluated, explanation is provided on how initial impact of project visit will be measured or how it is expected to contribute to larger goals.

Application Deadline

September 30, 2022


How to apply:

After reading the requirements,are you qualify, don’t worry, applying for Carnegie African diaspora programe I simple, just click HERE to apply.




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