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University of Leeds undergraduate scholarship

University of Leeds 2022 Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students

Here comes another opportunity for scholarship seekers,if you are one of the people looking for scholarship to apply for,we present to you University of Leeds undergraduate scholarship,are you an undergraduate student looking for scholarship to further your Education,then worry no more, Leeds university have provide one for you.read carefully because we are going to give you the full details of the scholarship,how to apply, requirements and lots more.

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The University of Leeds is offering the 2022 School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering International Excellence Scholarship to high achieving students who are willing to undergo a degree program at the institution.

The scholarship is an automatic based on academic success. You must be self-funding, new to the University of Leeds, enter onto Level 1 and be classified as international for tuition fee purposes.

About the institution:

The University of Leeds is a public research university in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It was established in 1874 as the Yorkshire College of Science. In 1884 it merged with the Leeds School of Medicine (established 1831) and was renamed Yorkshire College. It became part of the federal Victoria University in 1887, joining Owens College (which became the University of Manchester) and University College Liverpool (which became the University of Liverpool) The university’s history is linked to the development of Leeds as an in.

Financial Benefits of University of Leeds Undergraduate Scholarship

Up to £5,000 or £6,000, depending on course length,if you choose the long duration one your fee will be higher.


Requirements for University of Leeds Undergraduate Scholarship

The fellowing are the requirements for the Leeds university,one have to be a self-funding and new to the institution,sign in as level 1 and make sure to be classified as international, that’s for the tuition purpose.

Make sure the award you are applying for is the only one, don’t partake in any other award.
Self-funding students who have successfully completed the International Foundation Year (IFY) at the University of Leeds will also be considered for a scholarship.
You must have been offered a place to study on an undergraduate degree course within the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds for the 2023/24 academic year.
Up to £5,000 or £6,000 is available,depending on course length. £3,000 in year one and £1,000 in subsequent years subject to satisfactory performance.
You must achieve a yearly attainment percentage of 60% or above with all modules passed at the first attempt. The scholarship will be withheld in a year if you fail to achieve 60% but will be reinstated the following year if your performance recovers to 60% or over. £1,000 will be awarded per year of study.
You will not receive the scholarship for the industrial placement year or study abroad year.

Application Deadline

The deadline for application is Unknown, but remember to visit us regularly for more updates.

How to apply:

If qualified and interested,then applying is not a big deal,just click HERE to apply.

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